RDM Design Solutions Ltd focuses on providing elegant, ethical, and efficient architectural designs to clients interested in taking pride in achieving their vision in a responsible manner. Founder and president Russell Douglas Moore has been designing well-built things and facilitating the building of well-designed things for over twenty-five years. He believes that buildings should be carefully constructed to endure for many generations, employing high-performance materials, systems and technologies that are fabricated using resources that are entirely renewable, reusable or biodegradable.

Working with RDM Design Solutions Ltd.

Our hope is to participate in a process of shared learning and mutual decision-making in which the client’s project needs are combined with the design team’s knowledge of materials and systems to create the best project possible. Our objective is for each and every client to not only be satisfied with the final product, but to have it fulfill their dreams and surpass their expectations, and to feel genuinely good about the way they go about bringing it into being.

If you would like to discuss engaging RDM Design Solutions Ltd. in a design contract, please let us know.


Russell Moore

President, RDM Design Solutions Ltd.